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DK-Evolution Inc.


A Corporate looking, mobile-friendly website to promote the services of this Californian-based, global PCB business ...

DK-Evolution is a privately-owned company with over 50 years’ experience in global PCB manufacturing and supply. Their business has always been more than just making PCBs. They aim to add value wherever possible, and provide even more technical support, advice and assistance.

As part of the TCL Group of PCB companies, DK-Evolution offer you a complete one-stop shop, from prototype to volume, around the world. Their knowledge and over 50 years of experience enables them to provide in-depth advice on all aspects of manufacture, including the most suitable materials for your needs and the best approach for product/component cooling.

Every single PCB they manufacture is made to match your exact specifications and goes through rigorous testing and certification to ensure optimum performance. What’s more, if their engineers see a design or specification that can be fine-tuned to make the manufacturing process easier, they will advise you. They will also give you a heads-up if your current board is costing you more than it should.

The new, fully responsive website not only gives you a full picture of their services, but also offers answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. The copy, written by Spot On, keeps things simple and business like, but without losing that vital personality ... because people buy from people.