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The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society


A fully responsive website/online store and 172-page annual journal...

Beef Shorthorn is the native breed with a rich past, a dynamic present, and one that is fit for future purpose being highly suited to modern low input farming systems. It offers a solution as a modern functional suckler cow: the breed is finding a ready market amongst commercial suckler producers who are discovering it fits the gap following the demise of quality replacements sourced from the dairy sector.

Moreover it has a high health status: all registered animals offered at Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society official sales are from CHeCS approved health scheme herds. Plus cattle surplus for breeding purposes are eligible for Morrisons Shorthorn Beef scheme - and the brand is also increasingly appealing to high street butchers and farm shops.

Native breeds came under pressure in the 1960s and 1970s following the invasion of the Continental breeds. After three decades, they are back in vogue. Beef Shorthorn is amongst those witnessing a major turn-around and it has been documented by Defra as the fastest growing native breed.

For the Society, we designed and built a large website featuring a database-driven online members directory and online cattle for sale section, a fully working online store, where members can purchase selected branded items and an events calendar for the Society’s own and supported sales. The site also incorporates the ABRI database within the frames. This new site has a much clearer site navigation and a better balance of images to text which, from the feedback from members so far, is very much appreciated.

During the course of the year, Lynne also project managed the design and artwork for a 172-page annual journal, in conjunction with Samphire Creative in Nottingham.