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The Road Safety Trust


A new, mobile-friendly website...

The Road Safety Trust is an independent grant-giving Trust working hard to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on our roads. They do this by providing independent funding for vital research and practical interventions into new approaches to road safety.

The work of the Road Safety Trust is vitally important in helping to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on UK roads every year. All of their funds come from their trading subsidiary company, UKROEd, which operates the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS). UKROEd is a not-for-profit organisation which gifts any surplus to the Road Safety Trust at the end of the financial year. This enables them to award grants to support a whole range of road safety initiatives every year. These grants are available for up to two to three years, and can be worth as much as £200,000.

For the Trust, we designed and built a large website featuring an attractive online showcase of the projects for which funding has been awarded. This new site has a much clearer and more intuitive site navigation and a better balance of images to text, which make it more engaging for the viewer.